About APS Financial Planning

We believe financial planning should be available to everyone! However, most of our members and clients have commented that they are concerned about becoming another statistic in the profit-driven financial services world.

At APS Financial Planning, we believe in the difference that advice can make to our clients - whatever their goals or stage of life.

Our financial planners are Timothy Foster and Paul Hatzigeorgiadis.

Timothy Foster

Timothy is a Certified Financial Planner, Life Risk Specialist, a member of the Financial Planning Association and holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. Timothy has more than 18 years’ experience within superannuation (especially Public Service superannuation), banking, accounting and financial planning organisations (both in Australia and overseas). His ability to explain complicated strategies and finances in a clear, simple and understandable manner, places him in high demand to speak at seminars and conferences throughout Australia.


Timothy Foster's qualifications include Certified Financial Planning (CFP), Life Risk Specialist (LRS) & Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning). To view Timothy Foster's FSG click here. To view Fortnum Private Wealth's FSG click here.

Paul Hatzigeorgiadis

APS Financial Planning is proud to introduce our new Financial Planner, Paul Hatzigeorgiadis. Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector, commencing his career in 1996.  Throughout this time Paul has seen how his quality advice helps people to get through tough times and enjoy the good times.


Over Paul’s history, he has provided advice to an extensive range of clients, ensuring he understands their individual needs and future goals.  By focusing on their needs and getting to know them, Paul has provided valuable and reliable advice that has benefited his clients.  Paul’s concern for his clients is easily seen in just a few minutes with him and his passion for helping people is one of the key reasons Paul has chosen to join APS Financial Planning.

Paul can assist with superannuation, insurance, savings plans, planning for retirement, living in retirement. Paul also specialises in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).  

Paul is a family man with a 5 year old daughter, who he enjoys spending as much time as possible with. 

The team at APS Financial Planning have known Paul for more than a decade and have seen how his advice has been crucial in his client’s financial success.  We are very pleased that Paul has joined our team and we look forward to working with him. To view Paul Hatzigeorgiadis's FSG click here. To view Fortnum Private Wealth's FSG click here.

Talk with Paul for an appointment today on (03) 9322 2000, 1300 131 809 or email paul.h@apsfinplan.com.au.


We have received many testimonials. Here is just a sample.

"I found out more in two hours with you than in four years with my previous financial adviser".

"I had been with my previous adviser for years and wasn't receiving any service, but still paying him. By switching to APS Financial Planning, I will save thousands".

"Thank you for making such a complex issue so simple".

"Not only have I saved thousands in tax, but I now understand where I am going financially. Thank you so much".

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