Welcome to the APS Benefits Group

Read our welcome letter to learn how the APS Benefits Group can assist you, your family and friends. Click here.

How do I purchase funeral cover with the APS Benefits Group?
To purchase funeral cover, you must become a member of the APS Benefits Group. A funeral benefit is automatic upon becoming a member. Complete a membership application form found within the Membership and Loan Information Pack.

What level of funeral cover does membership of the APS Benefits Group supply?
The amount of the funeral benefit is dependent on your age at entry into the funeral benefit fund. For example, if you join the fund at age 24 your funeral benefit will be $15,000.

View the NEW funeral benefit calculator to see what level of funeral benefit you can apply for by clicking here. To obtain additional funeral benefits up to a maximum benefit value of $20,000 (excluding any annual bonuses) simply key the amount into the calculator. Be aware that the funeral benefit calculator supplies estimates due to mathematical rounding.

How much does the membership cost?
For as little as $6.00 per fortnight ($1.50 for dependent children) your beneficiary will receive a funeral benefit upon your death giving your family peace of mind. The amount of the benefit appears in the membership application form and usually accumulates bonuses annually.

Can I increase my Funeral Benefit?
You may increase your funeral benefit up to a maximum total cover of $20,000 (not including bonuses). Please refer to the “Application for Additional Cover” form or contact us for more details.

Are there Identification requirements?
Yes. To conform to standard financial institution requirements we are required to identify each new member with photo identification plus a secondary identification document confirming current address. See "Member Identification".

What happens if I leave the public service?
Once you are a member of the APS Benefits Group you are a member for life. Even if you leave the public service or even leave the country you can still remain a member.

What if I decide to leave the APS Benefits Group?
If you decide to leave the APS Benefits Group simply give us a call and we will discuss the various options that are available to you depending on the length of your membership.

What is a beneficiary?
A beneficiary is someone who you nominate to receive the funeral benefit in the event of your death. It can be your partner, a relative, a friend, your estate or even a charity.

How do I change my beneficiary?
This may be done by completing a “Nominated Beneficiary Form” and forwarding to our office. You may change your beneficiary as many times as you wish. You can complete this online by clicking here or download the form, complete it and send it back to us.

What happens to my Funeral Benefit when I die?
Payment of your funeral benefit is paid to your nominated beneficiary generally within 24 hours of advice of your death. It is advisable to inform your nominated beneficiary that they contact us in the event of your death. It is also important that you periodically review who you have nominated as your beneficiary as circumstances change.

At what age does my membership cease?
Unlike many other similar organizations once you become a member of the APS Benefits Group you can remain a member for life which means the funeral benefit is paid regardless of age. As an added bonus once you reach 70 years of age your membership fees are waived whilst retaining full membership and the same level of cover.

How can I change my personal details?
This may be done immediately by logging onto our website and selecting APS Online. From there you can change your contact details and password.

Can my level of cover increase without additional payment from me?
The APS Benefits Group, at its own discretion, may declare an annual ex-gratia benefit (or "annual bonus"). This benefit is usually declared as a percentage of your total benefit and added to your existing benefit. For example, if you are entitled to a benefit of $15,000 and an annual bonus of 2% is declared; the value of your benefit will increase to $15,300. Annual bonuses carry over into future years. For example, if the following year, an annual bonus of 2% is then declared, the value of your benefit will increase from $15,300 to $15,606. It is important to note that whilst your cover can increase through potential annual bonuses, it cannot decrease.