Transition to Retirement

TTR Pensions (Super Income Streams)

With the introduction of transition to retirement (TTR) pensions, you can now transfer your super to an income stream, providing additional funds to live on.

Alternatively, you don't even have to stop work or reduce your hours. Even if you continue to work full time, you can benefit from transition to retirement.

Reduce your tax without reducing your income

By using both transition to retirement and salary sacrifice strategies, you could significantly reduce your tax without reducing your income.

There are two reasons why this could be beneficial for you:

  • maintaining your lifestyle with less work, and
  • tax savings

The benefits available depend upon your personal circumstances, your income, super balance and type of super fund.

Make sure your superannuation funds are effectively managed.

Don't be confused about superannuation and its benefits for your long term future. Make sure your superannuation funds are effectively managed. APS Financial Planning can help with all your transition to retirement needs.

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